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Default Re: Steve McCurry Burma Workshop

While I don't agree, I do think that some of McCurry's best photos (IMO) get rather overlooked, where his headshots and three quarter length portraits get all the limelight. There is one thing about McCurry though; in my opinion, nobody knows good like and good colors like he does. It might border on eye candy, but we all have a sweet tooth (eye) from time to time.

Interesting tidbit about McCurry is that he was one of the photographers of the Marlboro Man ads in the 70s or 80s. I am not sure that he was the only one, but lots of those iconic death candle ads were taken by him. He also did a lot of product stuff for Kodak back a while ago too.

He is not my favorite, but I think that within his genre, he does it better than pretty much anyone else.
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