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Default "Learn about the world through photography" they said...

Brigitte the Tos Violation is a possibility but not the ultimate weapon, because the ToS leave some room for interpretation, for example I believe a photo of a St Bernard dog with all the historical background in the note would pass the ToS check, while a "My cat Fluffy" one would not, a girlfriend/boyfriend shot would pass it too if the note says it's the typical smile of a Polish, Colombian or Thai woman/man and mentions nothing about her girlfiend/boyfriend status.
Also there is no ToS Violation transparency, once you report a photo you don't know waht happens, sometimes the photo disappears from the gallery, sometimes not. Maybe an idea would be to create a folder will all removed ToS violating photos with the removal reason but not the poster name, so people could make their mind about waht is possible and what not.
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