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  • Very disquieting article, IMO, about shooting (your own) kids in the nude. Disquieting for americans, I do not think Europe and certainly not Asia or Africa have reached this level of paranoid bigbrotherism.

    Anyway, read on:

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    What can I say. Typically American. Paranoid. Sick.

    People going into jail for innocent family photo's..gosh you gotta look out if you're out there..I'm glad I'm in a REAL liberal country.
    Ugh disgusting to read, what a law system..*puke*

    I hope for innocent American civilians that the law will change and that they can take photo's of their young children obviously PLAYING (<b>not posing!</b>) in their backyard, without feeling uncomfortable due to such cases.
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    Well, USA is a strange country...
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