Lens ideas

  • I have a bit of disposable cash coming my way, and have decided to expand my lens collection a bit. Here's my wishlist:

    A wider lens than the 18-55mm Nikon kit I have for the D3100 (even a small bit wider would be good)
    A modest zoom - I doubt I even need to get to 200mm for what I generally do, but somewhere between 70 and 105 would be nice
    A good walk around lens, which can and probably should encompass one or both of the above.

    Here's what I'm thinking - let me know if you have any experience with any of these lenses, and what you thought of them:

    1. The Nikkor 16-85mm AF-S. The priciest option I'm looking at, but one which also would bit everything I'm looking for in one lens.
    2. The Nikkor 18-105 AF-S. Doesn't get any wider than what I've got, but it has a good reputation and would extend the zoom.
    3. The Tamron 18-270 for Nikon - I've heard either stellar or mixed reviews; probably much more zoom than I'm likely to use, but a tempting lens.
    4. Sigma 10-20mm for Nikon - a solid wide angle I could use to supplement the 18-105, for example

    Any thoughts? Any excellent lenses I should be including? Thanks for any tips!