To macjake: Auschwitz

  • Hi Craig

    Actually imho it was much worse than reported. The Nazi Government had a 'for profit' motive and human hair was used to stuff blankets and pillows for sale and gold teeth extracted and melted for cash. There is to this day an entire room full of human hair as a memorial. Far too many people these days see something on youtube or facebook and never question the source or the veracity. Or think that the author may have an ulterior motive. I read one US shock jock got banned from both youtube and facebook because he was distorting the truth and outright lying for the money. Every time anyone clicks, advertisers paid him. I had a stoush with some pro Palestinians that were trying unconvincingly to persuade people on facebook that the Holocaust was a hoax. Their motive? Quote. 'Don't you see? We have to discredit everything about the Jewish people and Holocaust because they are massacring the Palestinians today," In my view 2 wrongs do not make a right. The entire post was promptly flagged and removed after someone complained to facebook. Not very bright in my view when Mark Zuckerberg himself is of Jewish descent. Always astounds me to read ignorant comments from people who have never set foot in Poland or Dachau.

    Cheers Chris