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  • Re: TE book - Thread for resources required
    Elena -
    i can translate English - Spanish (i could also translate French notes if needed) (i leave Portuguese translations to Isabel! :)
    adsl connection.
    i want to be a volunteer for the project, just tell me what you need and i'll do my best.
    i can make time for this, i can sleep less as well! :)
    thanks for starting this,
  • many thanks everyone
    We keep your information for further steps within this project.
    As it evolves we will solicit your support on many tasks.

    my dearest regards, and please stay in touch.

  • Re: TE book - Thread for resources required
    Something I just thought about right now...
    Sure I can help with some translations almost like everyone here, but also with gathering/correcting some informations about the Moroccan pictures, as I saw there are many in the proposed themes for the moment !

    This reminds me I have to post a new thread to Adam :o)

    Have a nice day !
  • Re: TE book - Thread for resources required
    Dear All,

    if you need me, here are some infos :

    Name : Tran Vi Luan
    Occupation : Computer Problem manager, system admin.
    Time available : It depends of my job workload...but available except this september...I'm going to Peru.
    Skills : to Joke ;o), PP software, hardware.

  • Re: TE book - Thread for resources required
    Bala (bnallama)

    I can help you guy with the accounting... as I suppose you would need someone to take care of the accounting stuff.

    Time available. let say 3-4 hours per week or so...
  • Re: TE book - Thread for resources required
    Daniel Barreto
    Aeronautic Equipment Purchasing Manager-
    as Isabelle adsl connection and willing to join.
    time available: Depends on the week and my workload
    Skills: Not much from a software point of view. I can translate from Spanish or French into English. I can edit, sort pictures, or any other task that you may need help with
  • Re: TE book - Thread for resources required
    Well.. here i am...

    Sandip Debnath
    : IT Specilist

    :Photo editing software (PS CS), in office have a dedicated leased line internet,enthusiastic in any creative work, like editing and layout... writing...

    : at least 6 hrs a week.