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Old 11-21-2004, 01:12 AM
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Default To langaloo: Teepees

These were the standard living quarters of many of the Plains and Western American Indians until they were forced onto Reservations; then they started to adopt the white man's ways and now most of these are ceremonial.
This one and all at events like this one are modern day white men, portraying the 1820-1830 trappers who inflitrated the West- mostly after Beaver. Many were Frenchmen, and many of our local names here in the Rocky Mountains are French derived.
These festivals are held at different sites most of the year, even in harse winter conditions. They are called Rendezvous (French), taken from the original trappers trading meetings. Many are reenactments, same location also, of the original rendezvous. Where I live, the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Eastern Idaho, Rendezvous are held two or three times a year. The original tipis (another way to spell the word), were usually painted with animal and different symbols that were of importance to the tribe involved- many had bison on them. Some had horses and different types of weapons. So you are right, they were a painter's canvas, but the originals were usually made of Bison hides. The one shown here and most today are made of modern canvas.
I hope this helps you to get the information you wanted.
JJ/ Here is a site to visit:
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Old 11-23-2004, 04:22 PM
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Default Re: To langaloo: Teepees

Hi JJ, thank you for the informations. very interesting.
Bison = Tatanka, in Lakota. Your pictures of Idaho, the little wooden houses are very touching. I love the Indians of the Great Plains. There is a wonderfull book, "People of The First Man" (Mandans, Blackfeet, Crees, Sioux, Minnetarees, Gros- Ventres), illustrated by Karl Bodmer, 1833-1834.
I would love to go once to one of those rendez-vous, dressed in formal attire.
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