To PaulVDV: Inspiration

  • Hi Paul, Thanks. Indeed, I didn't know that you were born in Leuven. And it is rather surprising that Angshuman studied there. How it happened? Of course, I have seen the longest bar, in your photo and in my lenses: I found Leuven very quiet. Maybe I was there during holidays?

    Have a nice evening

  • Hi Malgo,

    I remember that Angshuman told me once he had studied in KU Leuven.
    Probably only a master course (or for him perhaps a second master) or maybe a PhD ... I don't know.
    KU Leuven has lots of master courses taught in English and the number of foreign students is growing every year. Also in the campus in Brussels where I worked.

    In Belgium the fries are called: frieten (Flemish) or frites (French).
    Many people here eat them with mayonnaise but I don't like them neither on that way.

    Best wishes,
  • Hi again Malgo,

    Looking at the shadows on your picture I knew you had taken it on a late afternoon.
    So it was very very strange that the square wasn't full of people. Than I looked at a calendar of 2004.
    6 October 2004 was a Wednesday. It's completely incomprehensible that the square is so empty ...
    I don't have an explanation for it ...

    Best wishes,
  • Another one, also empty:

    Have a nice week M

  • Unbelievable !
    But you can see that many people were expected to come.

    Perhaps an emergency plan was announced:
    Malgo is coming to visit. Everyone to the shelter.
    I really can't explain it.