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  • I scanned a 4x6 print ( 150 DPI / Jpeg ) and was told that my pixels count has not high enough.
    I sent it to some one who resized it and it seemed to work ok.
    Do I need a manupulation program to always resize OR will scanning an 8x10 help.?
  • Re: Tech. Help
    Since JPEG format is lossy, meaning it loses quality everytime it gets saved, it's preferable to do any kind of manipulation on the original (like tiff format). It doesn't matter whether you scan 4x6 or 8x10, what matters is the DPI. You should be able to set the DPI at the time you do the scan. It's recommended to save at the highest DPI resolution to store as an archive. Then you can downsample to 72 DPI for web use, or 300 DPI for 8x10 printouts for example.

    Check out the recently added glossary for a good explanation of DPI vs. PPI by Sam