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Old 03-27-2008, 06:33 AM
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Default Re: Stand still

no change - little participation

I like quality, and I think the next post should be better than the previous one. TE is used as a sort of blog, I see to many post that are done because one has to post. Old work is not looked at, and for me, that is very valuable.
We're heading 800.000 photo's, but mainly the 700 or so that get posted each day get attention. Jack made a critical remark and I agreed. It's not my fault if TE is sold and if this world is run by money. It IS my fault if I walk in the porcelain palace and say these things out loud.

Second. In the top days, TE would attract around new 50 members per day. That dropped to the low 30's last year. It is a bit better in the last two month (42), but this is the season to join (like autumn). This wouldn't be a problem if people got active, but they don't. From every page of 30 people that joined, you're lucky if you find two active members, because the average is below 1. That used to be MANY times more. I have posted these numbers again and again, and never any reaction. Why? Because people don't like to hear about reality here on TE, TE is a way away from reality.
What's my hidden agenda (Yes Jack, finally you get to know the secret), I want TE to stay and with better quality and possibilities. Right now, it's heading to a dead end. And in two years or so, it could be gone one day. Last year we had a whole section of street photographers leaving TE. What's next?

Third, a big problem is that good stuff gets stolen. Right now I'm at a point where I can start posting old stuff (witch I consider better) but I don't, since there is no reaction what so ever to do anything about this problem. If you follow the forum, you would know that more people do not post because they wait for something to be done, be it effective or not.

Fourth, I'm fed up with the fact that people only look at my latest post. I don't want to post 400 photo's, I can't. Read my intro; I'm trying to tell the story of Latvia; nobody ever made a remark to that aspect. No-one seems to bother to read my intro because my older work still gets ignored and no-one gives me advice on post processing. If I post a photo and I ask not to give points, I still get them; do people actually read notes???
I did an experiment; I wrote a series of critiques, a bit more flattering than I'm used, but I did not post a photo. Result; 0. What's wrong with taking time and looking at someones older photo's? Why not read the intro or the note?

So, new initiatives should help TE. Once you're a member for so long, you're forced in way of acting to become part of the mainstream community. And one day you find yourself posting photo's of seagulls or you find yourself writing a note that "this was the best you could come up with because you had nothing else to post . . . sorry for that" . . . you will write.
New ways should be introduced, new communities should emerge. I have a whole bunch of ideas send to the guys in that respect, and we're lucky . . . because they are looking into it :)
Right now, The changes are technical, Vivian is cleaning up the database for Europe but most of all; all is done in silence, like Jack said. No announcement, no question, no reaction on the forum, standard answers if you write an email. To me the sale sounds like a marriage gone bad.

And about the controversial ones; have a look where I participate in the discussion TAB. I'm not a 'Ooh' and 'Aah' member, never was, never will be, but I do participate in other ways. My fault is that it is not the common way in a world that is polorising.

Castles made of sand,
Melts into the seas,
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Old 03-27-2008, 08:22 PM
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Default Re: Mr Moderator please/Mr le moderateur SVP

Bonsoir Baladine

Cette mésaventure est arrivée a beaucoup de monde. En fait TE ne supporte pas les cadres qui ont des ombrages, des bords 3D...ect...

Le seul conseil que je peux te donner car mois aussi j'utilise Photofiltre Studio pour tout faire sur mes images, c'est de te contenter d'un cadre simple, par exemple Blanc et ensuite toujours avec cadre simple un autre Noir plus fin ( les effets se cumulent)
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