Travel Agents Request for Photographs

  • Has anyone else been contacted regarding use of their images for publication by a travel agent? Last week a received a mail via TE from a company in the US, the lady said some flattering things about my Namibia pics and then said,

    "I was wondering if you'd give me permission to use some of your travel photos of Namibia. My sole purpose is to showcase the beauty of this destination and promote travel there. I'd be happy to credit you and provide a link to where it's used or a link back to you in the credit. They wouldn't be sold or used for any other purpose other than to promote tourism to Namibia".

    I am at a loss of how to respond and what the "pros and cons" of giving permission would be. Any thoughts anyone?


  • The Travel Agent is working for financial gain so there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't expect financial recompense for the use of your image. Get back to them saying you would be interested in supplying images at x per image and stating that the images could only be used in the specific guide. They may not be used in any other publication without your express permission etc.
  • good !
    i think it's a good idea too earn financial as keitht said . but you should keep it in mind that photography always should not be an financial hobby . hope you earn lot of financial !
  • Rosemary's images
    Hello Rosemary
    They're trying to get good photographs for free. Don't let them: you deserve financial reward if you are prepared for them to be used; and there are a lot of hardworking professionals out there who are trying to make a living, and they don't need companies getting free images.
  • don't do that!
    Fully agree with Keith and Will.
    Don't work for free, they have a lot of money!