Trek Earth and Wikitravel Cooperation

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    My name is Aleksandra and I’m a community admin on TrekEarth. We're excited to announce a collaboration between TrekEarth and the free travel guide

    This will be beneficial for members of both sites. TrekEarth photographers have the opportunity to showcase their art to a wider audience (over 350,000 visitors per day come to Wikitravel), while Wikitravel's visitors get the benefit of more beautiful photographs in the free guide.

    Wikitravel's Main Page ( is the most visited page in the travel guide, and with thousands of views per day, gives great exposure to photos featured there. Wikitravel already works with professional photographers who consider Wikitravel a great travel website to promote their pictures among the millions of users that Wikitravel has each month. One of those users is our own TrekEarth lead moderator Porteplume (, who has uploaded many beautiful photos to Wikitravel.

    All images on Wikitravel are subject to a Creative Commons Share Alike license and can be redistributed on websites that have the same license (for example, Wikipedia), provided they attribute the photo's author. Attribution takes the form of clearly specifying who the image creator is, and of linking back to the original picture source (in this case, your TrekEarth gallery). Even after uploading a picture to Wikitravel, you are the author of that image and you own the copyright. This only affects photos you upload to Wikitravel.

    Joining Wikitravel doesn't mean that you will have to share your pictures there. It is absolutely voluntary. It's your decision if you would like to share your art with Wikitravelers.

    If you find this opportunity interesting, we would love to hear from you. Here (,_TrekEarth_members) is a welcome page that created especially for TrekEarth members which explains how to upload pictures to Wikitravel and navigate on the site.

    If you have any questions please contact either me ( or Porteplume

    Warm regards,

    Aleksandra (IBAlex)
  • Wikipedia Wikitravel
    Hi pretty Alex
    There is a similitude between the two sites ?
    Another question : English pages and French pages are different in Wikitravel, a member is allowed to use both of them ?
    Best regards
  • Reply to Didi
    Didi, thank you for your reply! Both Trek Earth and Wikitravel showcase beautiful, unique and interesting places around the world. Wikitravel focuses on creating articles (travel guides) that will help you during your travels. Trek Earth focuses on pictures- there are so many breath taking pictures over here that could make a great addition to Wikitravel articles. That's where I see the are of cooperation between those two sites. What do you think about this idea?

    Yes, all the language versions (English, French, German, etc..) are different because they were edited by different users. Wikitravel is a crowd-sourced project, a guide written by travelers for the travelers. English Wikitravel is the most visited and developed version however French is one of the most important foreign version as well. You can use, edit and upload pictures to as many Wikitravel versions as you wish (provided you speak the local language of course).

    Didi, do you think you have some good picture that we can feature on our Main Page and show it to a wider audience?


    Warm regards,
  • I will think about this project
    Hi Aleks
    Tomorrow I must wake up at 5 AM for travelling in Corrèze for about three days
    I'll study this interesting project after my return
    Kind regards
  • Reply to Didi
    Sounds good, Didi! Bon voyage! Talk to you once you are back! Warm regards, IBAlex
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    I would like to know the opinion of other members