How well do you know the world.

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  • This quiz is doing the rounds of many sites at the moment. Be warned it is very addictive.
  • Re: How well do you know the world.
    Thanks Keith - fantastic link. I've been playing this for 2 days now. Top score was IQ 122 on level 11.
  • Re: How well do you know the world.
    funny one!
    i did 606.500 at 12th level.
  • Re: How well do you know the world.
    Yep, I alredy knew it as a Facebook application : 610.567 for me so far... and then you can play all the sub application (know Africa, Asia, photos of the earth, etc.)
    Funny but after that, one's progress has a lot to do with pinpointing chance, how can you exactly point anyplace on a 500 pixels wide world map?
  • Re: How well do you know the world.
    633.612 for Daniel Barreto (rbcy1974) on facebook ... difficult to beat ;)
    Wish him good vacation in Yemen !
  • succes
    More points :)

    There is a simple way to calculate your IQ based on TE, invented by prof. Prillwitskovsky;
    1) take the number of points you have received and divide that by the number of notes given useful
    2) the number of views of your intro divided by the number of Notes written
    3) multiply the two and
    4) was it smart to do?
  • Re: succes
    David, followed your instructions and got 497.88, what happens next?
  • Re: succes
    Weļl have to calm down prof. Prillwitskovsky after telling him your IQ.
  • Re: succes
    I must be pretty thick as I have no clue how I find that information on TE.

    Can you please (in words of one syllable) explain exactly where I find this information as I'm intrigued to do the calculation!

    Thanks, Paul.
  • Re: succes
    Most of the info is on your intro page. The rest you find by clicking on that little box (with the yellow star inside) on the line that reads:
    <i>Gold Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer (2229)</i>