Nikon D5100 vs Canon 550D?

  • Dear All

    Looking for a upgrade from Sony HX100V to a D-SLR...

    Pls suggest.....which one would be better for Street/Travel Photography..

    Thank u

  • There generally isn't an easy answer to questions such as this.

    By travel photography do you mean landscape or street / situation photography? For any street photography I would have thought smaller and lighter would be better, maybe a high-end compact or 4/3rds SLR? For landscapes a DSLR may be better if you can afford the weight given the (generally) better optical quality, lens choice and filter compatability. If you aspire to sell work a full-frame DSLR system may be the way to go ....

    For any photography the brand is generally less important than how the camera feels in your hands and how well it works with you. My advice is always to try before you buy - get friendly with your local dealer and also read online reviews.

    Think about the subjects you want to capture and how you might need to work - will low light be an issue (i.e. high ISO or fast glass might dictate a higher-end DSLR)? Do you need to be discrete (use a compact)?

  • What camera?
    Read some reviews about the canon powershot G1X maybe it can suit your needs and is still very portable. It has DSLR quality in a compact body. But like Scudmonkey said it's the way it feels to you thats the most important.
    Try a few, look at the weight a fullframe system goes easy over 2kg and more if you need to carry a second lens.
  • both are excellent dslr cameras.
    At the entry level you won't find anything different in terms of image quality.
    Both 550D and D5100 are hugely popular in the entry level market.
    Decide according to your needs and requirement.
    I personally have 550D and I love it.
    I got a very good deal so I lean towards 550D.
    Also I loved their 70-200 F4 which one of my friend has it, so I went with Canon.
    So decide by yourself.