Another feature suggestion

  • Since the volume of pictures is increasing it might be useful to have a way of finding those shots without any critiques - most people have now stopped trying to critique every picture, so some are bound to slip through the net. If it's relatively easy to implement then I think it'd be a useful feature - anyone else agree?

    Why do I get the feeling that as soon as I post this someone's going to tell me you click on that, and then there ;-)
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    Yes, I will do this tonight after work, thanks! In the meantime, check out the 'Least Viewed' area which shows the 18 least viewed photos older than one week. There are probably a fair amount of those which do not have any critiques.

    I was thinking of another idea, the page numbers are currently displayed:

    Page: 123456...425

    What if I changed it so it was possible to view a random page somewhere in between:

    Page: 123456...87...425

    The '87' would change each time. What do others think about this?

    I'm also thinking of adding a 'Second Look' feature where one may submit their photo which contains less than x number of critiques for a critique request by others. I would limit the number to 1 per week per photographer so it wouldn't get overloaded.
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    I think the idea of adding a random page is a very good idea too :-D

    Not sure where you'd implement the 2nd look feature?
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    Probably a new forum called '2nd Look'. It would automatically generate a posting asking for critiques for the photo.
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    Sounds like a good solution!
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    The random page is not a bad idea. However, for me, I would probably get more use if you were to link in the periods you now have, making them proportional to the location. For example, right now on page 100 of the gallery I see:
    1...95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105...425

    I would consider making those 6 periods links (maybe add a couple more periods besides). In this case, 95/4 = 24 so I would link page 25, 50 and 75. On the other side, (425-105)/4=80 so I would link those dots to 185, 265, and 345.

    This would give you several more options for randomly skipping around. Even if you implemented the random page idea, you could still link the surrounding periods if you so choose.
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    I like this idea even more, thanks! I'll try to put this in tonight.
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    I didn't like how linking to a single '.' looked like so for the time being if '...' is clicked a random page within that page range is displayed. Thanks for the feedback.
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    "it might be useful to have a way of finding those shots without any critiques"

    Done. Click on 'Gallery' -> 'Categories' -> 'Views' -> 'Uncritiqued' to see them order from oldest to most recently uploaded (over one day old). Thanks for this idea.