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Old 11-09-2005, 11:07 AM
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Default Re: NIkon's D200

Thanks Francis,

I'm looking indeed for such pros & cons from the field experience, how practical would be the D200 wrt other competitors cameras or current Nikon ones. I'd like to make my mind based on those info.
Thanks for you valuable input, Al.
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Old 11-09-2005, 12:24 PM
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Default Re: NIkon's D200

I did some poling around today at the electronics market here in Seoul.

Basically the D200 will go for about 2 million won for the body, while the 20D is now at 1.3 million....You dont have to guess to know which one my wife would like me to get. STILL, I set my budget for a camera at 3 grand, so the Nikon is WELL within that budget, PLUS a great lens. But if I went with the 20D I could put down a hell of a lot more on basically, its a choice of great body+a lens or an excellent body+a bunch of lenses and other stuff. Im so damn confused.
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Old 11-09-2005, 01:14 PM
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Default canon system, broken 20D. so 5D?

well, you have a problem Rafal ;) you need to choose the system you will use for years - nikon or canon. you keep lenses, change bodies, lenses are the real investionon, bodies come and go...

I'll tell you one thing - D200 was announced 3,5 years after announcing its predecessor - D100. D200 is a sweet camera, but new 20D will be sweeter. and it takes much longer for nikon to develop new cameras. you might me stuck with D200 for a few years. imagine yourself seeing a new wicked replacement of 20D announced by canon next year. having 20D with some lenses you just sell the body and buy the new model.
i'd invest in canon lenses and change bodies every year or two... and I haven't heard anything about full frame sensor from nikon, maybe it will never come. and nikon d200 uses Sony sensor, not sure how good it is. and canon's sensors are so good.

and my 20D is dead, it broke last Saturday, jsut stopped working, all the buttons don't respond. i used the camera for 11 months. the warranty is from canon USA, i might need to ship it to the US to repair, and it will take some time definitely. and I am going to India in a month, so I guess I am buyig a new camera this or next week, what a mess... a second 20D or 5D? why this 5D is sooo expensive?
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Old 11-09-2005, 02:14 PM
oochappan oochappan is offline
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Default Re: NIkon's D200

Got the 5D and the MII, comparing these I would say, if I had to chose, I would go for the MII again, 100% worth the money !
OK the 5D is a tiny bit sharper but the files are so big that it takes a lot more time to edit, it is lighter but compared it feels not so robust and the handgrip is a tiny bit too small to ly so confortable in your hand as the MII.

The 200D is more practical to use but with practise it become the same, that's for sure, the quality of the images we will have to wait and see, Nikon is mostly sharper but colors of Canon are still on top, Canon did great efforts to improve sharpness with their new RAW editor for the 5D and MII.
Only flawn with Canon is still not an automatic ISO adjustment giving more liberty in difficult situations, ISO is still fixed and not in occular, on the 5D only in occular if you change it. The menues on the 5D are remarkable improved and easy to use. The 5D has no ISO bracketing, pity.

If you got EF-lenses then in fact you don't have to chose, it will be Canon, if you have to start with new lenses then you coud compare quality and price on fredmiranda to decide.

Short, you get what you pay for, mostly, the 5D is indeed expensive for the value, maybe due to the new bigger sensor research.
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Old 11-09-2005, 02:17 PM
gringofil gringofil is offline
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Default Re: canon system, broken 20D. so 5D?


How about you just get a pro body? A Canon EOS 1D Mark II would be the perfect tool for you. The camera is more rugged and will withstand more shutter cycles than the 20D and even the 5D. Personally I would wait a few months on the 5D before Canon fixes all the bugs...I wouldn't want to drop more than 3K on a camera and have it stop working in 11 months. If you're thinking of speniding money on something serious than just get the best you can at a given moment...why spend money over and over again on bodies what will break within months?

Or throw in the towel and get yourself a D200 and the cool 17-55 f/2.8 zoom from Nikon...
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Old 11-09-2005, 02:48 PM
Furachan Furachan is offline
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Default Re: canon system, broken 20D. so 5D?

Maciej, I've played with the 5D, 4 or 5 times now, and I tried it out many weeks ago before it was released even. It felt to me no better built than the 20d, but "fatter", more like the 10D really, no flash, no weather seal, a yellowish tint in the viewfinder I did not like (plus hard to see it all with glasses...) and a HUGE price!
Now I understand you don't feel like switching to another system but the D200 by all accunts is built to pro standards (and you're a guy who really SHOOTS and SHOOTS just like a pro on assignment when you reach India, right?) Well this D200 gives you a super bright 94X viewfinder, tough build, weather seal, 10 megapixels (I guess excellent high iso performance even with the Sony chip). I know Nikon intimately for working for them 10 years ago and they are VERY serious people when launching this kind of product - they think deeply about customer loyalty, sharp imaging, etc. this has all the feel of the legendary F100 analog job.
My 03 cent...
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Old 11-09-2005, 03:02 PM
maciekda maciekda is offline
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Default Re: canon system, broken 20D. so 5D?

D200 is a nice camera, but I am staying with Canon, I have too much Canon stuff - 4 lenses, 2 bodies (20D and 300D), external flash, spare batteries, rechargers. and I like the quality of images produced by Canon's sensors. and the lenses are very good. and canon releases new cameras more often than nikon, the next Canon will probably be better than D200.
I wouldn't buy another camera for at least half a year, the 20D is a really good tool, but since it is broken and won't be fixed within a month and I am going to India next month I guess I have no choice and need to buy a camera.
maybe just I should get another 20D, it is 800 here now, and sell it after I got my 20D fixed, lossing like 200. but then upgrading to 5D is quite tempting, but it is so expensive - 2000... and my 17-40 would be too wide, i'd need a lens like 24-70 then. and 1D markII is even more expensive, more than 2500, way too much.
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Old 11-09-2005, 03:44 PM
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Default Re: canon system, broken 20D. so 5D?

well, my sincere condolences, Maciek... I dont know what you're doing to your cameras : how many clicks logged in the counter for your 20D?

Nikon has launched its D200 which is, I agree a nice camera, probably the best move they made in the digital era.. the problem being the far too expensive Nikon lenses (1500 euros for a 17-55mm, who's kidding who?).
Nikon has now the lead in the 1500-2500 euros range, while Canon is positioned on the close wings... I wouldn't be surprised if Canon tries to make a move in towards the a bit less than 2000 euros price range. A EOS40D? bringing down the price of the EOS5D?

That is to say, I think this year is not the year to invest on a Canon unless you have the bucks for a EOS5D.

If I were you Maciek, I chose the waiting solution and buy a small 350D for the 6 months to come then look for the next big thing to come. I predict 2006 will be a Canon Year. ..and by the way, why not a 24-105L IS instead of the 24/70 : 300 euros less expensive with a IS feature!

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Old 11-09-2005, 03:57 PM
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Default Re: canon system, broken 20D. so 5D?

how many clicks? hm, more than 20k for sure. the sensor and shutter are ok, but none of the buttons work, after switching on the camera it is possible to take 1 photo, and it is displayed on the LCD for 2 seconds and that's all, no more response. the electronics are messed up I guess. and it was bought in the US, it's got the US warranty, I don't know where to send it to repair... here in the UK i'd have to pay, and they would estimate the cost of repairing after examining the camera, and the service is in London, i'd have to send it to London to be examined. a big mess. I also have a Mack Camera extended 3 years warranty, but I am not sure whether it is valid during the official product warranty, or it starts after expiring the warranty. I have sent them an email with an enquiry (what they suggest to do), but they are not responding. only problems.

and 350D is only 150 cheaper than 20D, I'd buy another 20D instead of 350D. but then this 5D is really tempting, just its price, it is overpriced IMO, it is just like a 20D with a big sensor.
and also the files from 5D are huge - I'd need more storage, another portbale hard drive.

and the new 24-105 lens is not available now, there was a problem with those lenses and they are not being sold at the moment. i am not sure which one i'd prefer - f/2.8 or f/4 IS... anyway, i couldn't buy all that stuff at once, it is just too much. I think 17-40 on a FF camera is too wide for me, and not enough range.
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Old 11-12-2005, 02:33 AM
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Default Re: NIkon's D200

I really think both Canon and Nikon are good SLR cameras. It all depends on the the lenses I already have. I personally like Nikon because even the old lenses will fit their new digital cameras and Nikon does not change models often. So I am looking forward to this new D200.

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