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Great Royaldevon 2020-05-12 6:52

Hello John,

I found it interesting to learn just how determined you were to make this historic photograph worthy of posting and it was really worth the effort. Having changed to b&w, there is no problem with the central parts, and we can still appreciate the colours of your big interest (cars) and enjoy seeing the lady in red!

It doesn't surprise me that you were more interested in the fountain. Most people of your age would have been attracted by it, whereas the building had no movement or sense of life!

For Santiago de Compostela, it has a very tranquil atmosphere, nothing like it seems these days, as attested by the tv programme and by a dear friend who completed the pilgrimage.

I really enjoy seeing these old shots where details of old vehicles and and dress fashions can be observed as well as the generally unrestored buildings.

You did a good job as a teenager to capture details of the fountain and its surrounding area.

AS a sleuth, can you tell what type of car is peeping down the side street?

Keep safe,
Bev :-)

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Default To Royaldevon: Cars and Pilgrimages.....

Hello Bev,

Thank you for your kind and considered words about this one! I know that the quality is pretty poor to say the least, but I did actually quite like it and thought it might be worth posting. I think my eye was first drawn to the two guys on the left walking up the hill toward the fountain - and then, of course, the "lady in red" on the right.

Funnily enough I see that there is a group on Facebook for people who journeyed on either of the two sister ships, MS Devonia and MS Dunera, between 1961 and 1967 - so I've joined the group though I have yet to put on any photos or make any comments. They were old troop ships and I believe that the quite radical Labour M.P. Tam Dalzell was instrumental in getting these ships to provide "educational cruises" for school kids and it turned out to be quite a successful venture.

From the sleuth point of view, there are one or two cars here. The pale blue one directly behind the fountain is either a Fiat 600 or a Seat 600 (Seat in Spain produced Italian Fiats under licence at that time). The one stuck in the left and half hidden by the corner of the building - also light blue - is definitely a VW Beetle because I had one exactly the same colour at one point. Farther down the lane on the left (and peeking through the archway) is another Fiat or Seat and it looks as though it might be possibly green and black - I remember that the taxis in Lisbon were that colour but I'm not sure about Spain at that time. And there's another black car in front of that one - probably also a Fiat/Seat - but we can only see the tip of its nose!

I'm sure you mentioned before that you had watched that "Pilgrimage" series on TV but I don't think I knew that you had a friend who had done one. Having seen the programme, I should love to do at least some parts of it: I think it would be wonderful, not necessarily from the point of view of a religious exercise but largely just for the pleasure of walking with a group of people through some wonderful parts of the world. I'm not sure if I mentioned before, but one of my physician colleagues who was a very keen cyclist and extremely fit did several of the pilgrim routes on his bicycle, travelling to Santiago at least once and to Rome at least twice - and on each occasion started off in U.K. - initially doing the routes starting in Canterbury but starting his last trip to Rome in Elgin! Sadly, despite this fellow's incredible fitness and dedication, he passed away last year as a result of a very aggressive malignancy - the poor fellow was three years younger than me too.

Take care, stay safe - and be good.

Kindest Regards,

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