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Great tyro 2020-05-16 15:34

Ciao caro Luciano,

Ah, ha, I recognise where this man is sitting from your previous photos (and maps)! He is sitting by the roadside at the base of one of the pillars of the portico of your basilica. The poor fellow looks totally "fed up" and bored and would probably give anything just now to come to your bar and have a coffee - or something a bit stronger. But unfortunately your bar is closed.

This man's mask won't be doing very much good other than keeping his chin warm but I guess he's not interested in that.

I can imagine that this must be a very stressful time for you - you obviously want to open your bar but that has to be balanced against the very real risk of the rate of infections suddenly escalating - and then we can be in a worse position than before. Yes, it worries me here in Britain too as they start to begin to open schools and later maybe restaurants and bars. Very worrying times. I presume that your government cannot actually make you open your bar - surely you can refuse to open it if you are concerned about the risks of spreading infections?

Anyway, Luciano, a perfect photograph which shows exactly how so many of us are feeling right now.

You take care and stay safe.

Kindest Regards,


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Default To tyro: ......

We may not open at this time, but the main problem does not come from infections, but from the rules that were issued late and really restrictive. For example, before I had 32 seats, now I can only have 9, to keep the distances between people. I had to buy plexiglas barriers, disinfectant bins, gloves, masks, as well as paying for sanitation and safety advice, in fact half of the bars and restaurants will not reopen for the moment. Thanks and happy Sunday!
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Default Covid-19 and restrictions.....

Ciao caro Luciano,

Oh, I am so sorry for you - and for others like you in this dreadful situation. I am fortunate, being retired and not having to work, though I can no longer meet up with my old friends and go for walks together and have some conversations over some food and drinks in a café or bar.

I think it is very easy to be critical of our governments: we can criticise them for not doing enough sooner, or for not doing al the right things - but they were taken by surprise like the rest of us and didn't have all the infrastructure to deal with the problem initially. This, really, is equivalent to being at war - there may not be bombs likely to come from the sky to kill us, but this virus is just as deadly. I was born just after WWII and have always considered myself fortunate to be part of the first generation for centuries that has not known warfare - so I suppose this is Nature telling us not to be complacent! Our parents and grandparents experienced a lot worse than this!

I hope all goes well with you and your bar but, above all, you take care and stay safe.

Kindest Regards,

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