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  • Re: A great street / candid photographer
    Thanks for the info, Maciej. Hey, i remember his face, because i quipped he looked like he could have been a close relative of Jerzy Kozinsky :-), the shot was gone when my critique was on the way.
  • Re: Some smiles....
    Life is funny, and especially traveling. The pendulum can swing so fast. I remember being in Konarak, visiting the Sun temple, and with my best smile asked a young lady if I could take a shot of her and her friend, and I heard a very to the point "no!". OK :-(... Not even 2 minutes have lapsed when another young lady came to ask me if she could take a picture of me, with her friends. It turned out to be a very pleasurable meeting, as they had come from Nepal, and we all talked for a while, pictures being taken in any possible arrangement between all of us. With the right attitude, not much time to linger on negativity. But that's a no I will remember, I understood every part of it! :-)))
  • Re: good and never heard of
    I am not sure if I read the whole of that long thread. Sorry if someone has already mentioned him, Sebastien (Zepi) gave me a link to <i>Matt Stuart</i> in this thread . Have a look at once, he's brilliant in BW (I think Peter and all the museum photographers will like him) but be prepared to laugh out loud when browsing his color images (I thought about Maciek and MrBialy).

  • Matt, mrBialy
    yeah, Matt Stauart is great, great sense of humour, fantastic decisive moments. I got to know about him from UK's Photographt Monthly magazine - he was interviewed and some of his photos were presented. fantastic works...
    i am far far away from his images. but if mrBialy takes more photos and continues learning photography soon he will be as good as Matt
  • Re: good and never heard of
    ohhh, this one rocks Luko, pleasure to view, many great examples of decisive moment, images that juse weren't there a second before or after, and were only there the at the exact time he pressed the shutter.
    Thanks for bringing the discussion back to what it originally was meant to be, I am sure you must know of many more hidden gems, bring them on...
  • Re: good and never heard of
    Ah Matt Stewart, I've seen his work before but didn't put a name to the pictures. That shot of the nudist walking through the Metro is very famous. It was published in a weekend magazine here some years ago.
  • Re: Matt, mrBialy
    How come i can't open his site? I downloaded the flash player upgrade, but clicking to "enter" i only get "thanks for visiting, come back" window!
  • Re: Matt, mrBialy
    Perhaps something about allowing pop ups in your browser : are you using Firefox?
  • Re: Matt, mrBialy
    it was all screwed up 2 days ago, for some reason, no pop-up allowed, even my AOL mail items. Though I never toggle with anything in my settings. So, I did that, making sure pop ups blockings was off, and it was OK. Yesterday, that was the only pop-up blocked, though it took many attempts to finally get the radio interview of a photographer (George) MarkG talked about, in his post of his.

    Firefox? Have no idea. don't know what it is. It's grandPa dealing with the brave New world here, still trying to go thru the first page of my photoshop tutoring book. Really comp' illiterate, only working from intuition and because i always like to click litle buttons here and there, to see what happens...Even as a kid! :-)

    I will try the link again.

  • Re: Matt, mrBialy
    ca marche pas. Il Y a un glubglub bruit et la page "merci d'etre passe". :-(

    PS: windows XP, new comp.