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  • great beauty and stunning contrasts, but what interests me most is the independence of Oregonians. People think of Montana and Wyoming as being independent; but actually they cling rather closely to a more single POV, Oregon follows its own drummer. I keep trying to put explain it to myself, but I suppose that is the whole point; you can't describe the complexities of such independent people simply.
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    Oregonians are more inclined to be independent. It's much different than the pride of the Texan or the busyness of the Californian; when people find themselves in Oregon it seems they just get down to the business of...being. The nice thing about Oregon is that whether your family rolled up in a covered wagon, or you just stopped the car 5 min. ago, you can claim yourself an "Oregonian" as long as you profess it's a beautiful place. :)
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    Thank you for the welcome, you have decribed some differences well for me : )