To momentfreezer: Hi Ulf!

  • Its nice to hear from you Ulf. Thanks for your kind words- I put the original color version in a workshop. I'm glad to see you around!

  • Re: To momentfreezer: Hi Ulf!

    Many thanks for kind reply. I glad you are still there and that you now have the attention for your pictures you deserve. I would not surprise me the least if you one day become a famous photographer. You always go your own ways and do what you like. Thank you also for the posting of your picture in color. It is a true summer picture and you could even see that the person is nicely sunburned on her upper side of her arms. And do not worry about the over-exposure. This is the way cameras work and the camera has already made the best choice for you. The only way you could done anything about it would have been to go closer and let the hands dominate the picture.
    But your picture is brillant as it is. It is the light and over-exposure that makes it so striking.