Invalid photo_insert_query2

  • I can not post my picture. This error message do not tell me what is wrong with my picture.

  • Unable to post pictures
    I also cannot post any pictures though I don't get an error message. The photo uploads OK and the information screen appears as normal. After clicking on update, nothing happens and the picture is not available to view in the gallery.

    In fact, looking at the gallery no pictures appear to have been posted since yesterday (Friday)

    Can someone please look into this.
  • I can`t post since a week!
    Are they sleeping? Why could they still not fix the problem? And why is there no official announcement, so that we at least know the situation and not start filling in the posting form a hundred times...
  • Are they sleeping? The answer is probably 'Yes'. They are based in the west of the USA so at least 8 or 9 hours behind Europe. It has also been the weekend.