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  • Milos
    Hi Viviane.

    I found another.Earth >> Europe >> Greece >> South Aegean >> Kyklades >> Milos

    At the moment there is this, with many just having 1 or 2 photos.All of the above could be added to Kyklades - Milos - Adamas (Anglicised 'Adamantas' formally, although 'Adamas' is more commonly used) Greeks use 'Adamas'. I guess the formal name for San Francisco is Saint Francis, but nobody uses that name. Adamas is the main town and port on Milos. It's a small island so it's not necessary to list every tiny village or bay on the island imho. Please include all my photos too which are just under Kyklades, Adamas.


  • It had been done Chris. Thank you for painting this out...

  • Wrong location PETRA
    Bonjour Viviane!

    I found another wrong location. Petra in Jordan:

    All Petra photos under Aqaba should be moved to Maan province. Petra is just 2 miles east of the Aqaba border but still in Maan. Thanks.
  • Bonjour Chris
    It has been done.
    Thank you for pointing this out...

    Bien amicalement,


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