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  • Due to the constant growth of this site, it's becoming harder and harder to keep up with posts by like-minded people. This new feature is designed to let you decide who and what to follow. Are you only interested in left-handed photographers from North America? Or maybe you only want to read critiques by people who post in-depth critiques? However you wish to organize a set a members, it is now possible using this new customized list feature.

    Customized lists are an extension of the Favorites feature where it's possible to view all photos or critiques in your Favorites list. It is now possible to create up to 5 different lists and store up to 50 members per list. These lists are <b>private</b> and are not viewable by other members. How you name and define the list is up to you.

    Some ideas:

    -Leica Lovers -> To view photos of your favorite photographers who mostly use Leica.

    -In-Depth Critiquers -> To view critiques by your favorite critiquers

    -RTW Travelers -> To see what round-the-world travellers are up to

    Currently there is are Members, Photos and Critiques tabs. Other tabs will be added in the future, such as Workshops and Discussions.

    As always, if there are any suggestions, please let me know, thanks.

    Note that to keep things interesting and fresh it's recommended to browse the general gallery to see if there any members who fit the parameters of what you're looking for.

    To create a list: Click 'My Account' -> 'Profiles' -> 'Lists Profile'

    To add a member to list: Click 'Add to List' on member's Intro page.
  • Re: New Customized Lists Section
    Hi Adam
    As soon I got the alert of the new list annoucements I tried to use it. I was able create a list "Photos to do future workshops" but I don't find a way to add any photo to the list. I guess that there's something missing on the html code or maybe is to soon to use this new feature?

    My best regards

    P.S. - I'm David, the guy that posted the "Looking at You" photo on TE and changed to TL, reported wrongly 4 or more family photos on TL and that never said thank you Adam for creating TE, TL and TN... so Thank You very much.
  • Re: New Customized Lists Section
    It sounds a bit coplicated, but may be valuable for some. Browsing the gallery seems to me the most rewarding; most of us have lousy days as well as good days and there is always a new surprise in store.
    Thanks indeed for such a remarkable site, wondrous not only for the quality and good spirit of the contributions but also amazing, amazing, as a very very clever and easily understood and operated web site. I am sure (you should tell your sponsors) that the advertising, being so discreet and stylish, is probably far more effective than vulgar spinning whirlies found in hellholes of the internet.
  • Re: New Customized Lists Section
    Oh, I forgot to explain this. Thanks for letting me know.

    To create a list: Click 'My Account' -> 'Profiles' -> 'Lists Profile'

    To add a member to list: Click 'Add to List' on member's Intro page.
  • Re: New Customized Lists Section
    > As always, if there are any suggestions, please let me know, thanks.

    Cool feature. Please consider adding alerts for the lists, similar to how it works with Favorites.
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    Once we have made our lists, how do we get access to the photos of the members on that list.. Like Mike said, maybe a "alert" for the postings... But maybe also a button giving access directly to these photos. I would see on the gallery page such a button "personal lists gallery" which would bring us to the latest photos posted by all the listed members. Would be quite easier than going to our list and click one member then come back to the other members. Maybe with a sub-directory for each specific list.
  • Re: New Customized Lists Section
    I like the idea of alerts for the lists (and the country alerts might be best if it goes down the the county level).

    I can see the use of these lists, but I imagined them being sort of like themes but of users... public/shareable... there's already a list forming of serious critiquers to make a critique circle that each user is having to copy and maintain themselves...

    I think I have to play to find out the best application of this new feature as I don't think I've found a good use for it yet.

    As always, Adam, your effort is very much appreciated in creating both a creative and functional web site that works well for us, the citizens of planet Earth!
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    I think there is already that functionality. Just check the My Lists links on the left side. Or do you mean something else?
  • Re: New Customized Lists Section
    ummm, this is no doubt a ques with an obvious answer, but how do you delete someone from a list?
  • Re: New Customized Lists Section
    I figured it out. Cheers!