Performance issues after go live ?

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    I was on on just after go live and performance was already bad compared to old TE, now I come back and things got much worse, every second attempt results in time out, display incomplete, hope you guys can fix this quickly !
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    I'm upset about this new site too. I especially don't like that the titles are not visible with the photos in the gallery. As someone has already said, the title can be part of the creative whole.Often it is an appealing/witty title that encourages the viewer to click for a view of the larger image.This doesn't feel like a photographer's site anymore.The clutter and lack of (photographer) user friendlyness is a big issue. Regrettably I can't see TE remaining my nightly fix.This site has been designed for advertisers by techies. Where does the photographer come in to this? What a shame!
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    Featured Destinations: "Mdina" "on the road"
    is there any realiable info in the names above?

    Daniel, perhaps the gallery with the "most viewed" images will prevent threads with this title ;))

    Oh :(((
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    A nigthmare : good description.
    Some technical information : windows are correctly displayed with internet explorer 8. But correct on mozilla.
    No more access to large version display????

    Slow is not not enough to describe this new web running!.

    If nothing is done I think I'll move elsewhere .

    Best regards
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    Stopping en masse to post would be the sensible things to do now until everything gets back to what it was. That would give the money-lovers something to think about... It's just a matter of a taking a stand and doing it, no big deal.
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    That's an interesting idea. I would agree not to post for a while for the sake of returning the old version. But... "en masse"?... there are too many members here.
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    It's slow . . . . is that the right word??
    I like the new lay out! . . . I do . . .
    but . . .
    I hate (HATE) the add's . . .
    when Adam sold the site . . . nothing would change.
    shame on you!

    can't browse equipment (next page doesn't work), can't see who reacted on critiques, photo's can still be stolen . . .

    the new design wasn't done for us, the members . . . but for advertising

    not good Adam,
    not good.
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    If they want us to stop posting photos, they succeded. It is really ssssssslllloooow, and some info are missing (pictures of your mates, their comments on photos, your last critics; it is uneasy to put a picture in a theme, and the advertissement are too distracting. Maybe I am going to look for another photo site.....
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    I noticed that in addition to slow and confusing, the site was full of advertisements...
  • Re: Performance issues after go live ?
    Hi all -

    We are working hard on the speed issue. We were not experiencing the slowness on the beta site but when it moved to the 'live environment' the site is not acting the same. Please bare with us as we track down the problems. Our goal is to keep TrekEarth moving as fast as possible.

    We are currently troubleshooting the web cashing and some other tricks to handle the load. I will keep everyone updated as we move forward.