To KristinsCamera: Thank you!

  • Hello Kristin,

    Yes, I had to admit I didn't have any skill in photo software... Thanks to CLODO, I'm beginning with basic features of iPhoto. By the way, do you have some recommendation:

    - for a photo software (Photoshop?)

    - for some book to acquire basic of photography? Sometimes I have instinct to take picture, but I have no technical ability :-(

    - for a good true reflex camera?

    Kind regards
  • hello pierre ~

    clodo is a good mentor and teacher, i am learning a lot from him

    do you use a mac or pc? if you use a mac, iphoto has rudimentary photoshop adjustments that are easy to use and will help you get an idea of what's possible before you even get into photoshop.

    if you have the instinct to take photographs, but don't have the technical side down yet, i would suggest getting the highest end point-n-shoot you can afford and let the camera make the decisions (and do the math) so that you can concentrate on your instinct for photography. then, gradually you can learn how to accomplish what you are after manually (if you wish to do so) with a DSLR. in addition to books, there are online tutorials and workshops available in a range of prices -- just google and see what looks right for you

    all best & good luck ~ i look forward to seeing more of your work!