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  • It does to me - very similar, but with a rather travel/geographical bias.
  • Re: Does this place remind anyone of www.photoSIG.
    I'm a casual user of photosig, and recently began browsing trekearth. The only similarities I see are basic tools like the ability to upload/view photos, submit critiques, etc that would be common to any photo critique site. The "look and feel" seem very different to me. Also, the scale and overall philosophy of the two sites seems very different. Everything here is centered around travel/location. I see photosig as a much broader site, for a bigger audience with broader objectives.
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    I've never seen photoSig before but it looks like a cool site, thanks.

    Based on looking just now, the two look alike in that they're both photo community web sites & they're both clean & well-designed. Seems to me that it's like saying does Yahoo Auctions remind anyone of Ebay? Does Google remind anyone of Altavista?
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    I have visited photoSig recently and am impressed with the number of participants and quality of the work (after seeing some, I feel like hanging up my camera). However, these benefits, in my opinon, are almost detriments -- the fact that the site is massive (309,000+ photos, 3M+ critiques) makes it a bit overwhelming to browse. Also, a large portion of the work I have seen is heavily artistic/based on advanced photo techniques. While I enjoy that, I think you can get bogged-down in technique. TE is nice in that you get a sample of images from all over the world -- often from places you may not have had the chance to visit. Also, while of high quality, I think the TE work is more "down to earth."

    Hopefully this site will retain its positive differences.
  • www.photoSIG.? Heaven forbid!
    You don't ever want another site to end up like Psig.
    Quality is superb; attitude, competiveness and the administrators are to be avoided at all costs.
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    This environment does seem a bit friendlier to the regular folk like me. I hope it stays that way.
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    I looked at Psig and I tried a little at Photopoints and but the problem I see with those sites are that the enormous flow of random pictures of perfect quality is of no interest to me as they are just dead pictures - there is no information in them and nothing to learn from them. Because of that the quickly become very boring. I you are a photo tech freak it might suite you but if your interest is more about the life on this planet you should go with TE - the DIY National Geographic.
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    Photosig is a hostile, competitive environment full of animosity and one-upmanship, and it's getting to be that it would be more aptly-named Photoshop-sig. Moreover, you simply couldn't let your children browse it unsupervised. There is no comparison with TrekEarth other than both having pictures. The attitude is different, and the subject matter is totally different. TrekEarth is a great place for people like me with a geographical bent who just want to show and look at nice photos of places. I hope it stays that way.
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    For quite some time now I ocasionally browse PhotoSIG, and I can say the only common thing I see it's that both have photos and critiques about them.

    For what I've noticed PhotoSIG is absolutly RUDE in what concerns the members attitude towards each other. People are very often highly desagreable, and insultuous.

    I guess no one learns much reading the critiques there.

    More TE is more thematic and not so generalistic.

    And here you really can learn from the photos and the notes that go with them. PhotoSIG and other sites are just a deposit of photos. TE is besides that, a deposit of knowledge, friendship and ideas exchange.
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    Very well put. Lets keep it this way.