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  • I posted today (about three hours ago) and am certain that I did have visitors, as two of them marked my post as useful. Nevertheless, the visitors' counter still stands on 0. The error happened probably yesterday as I could notice that from a certain time on, absolutely no new visitors appeared and the counters remained in their position without any change.
    Those TE friends posting immediately after my today's post also stand on 0, the two prior to me have points, but no visitors, and the combination of 0 views and 20 points does not seem plausible.
  • All photos uploaded since 13:52 California time January 15 are said to have been viewed 0 times, regardless how many points they have received.
  • I don't know for certain but think the count is updated every 24 hours.
  • Viewer's counting unservicable
    The counter will generally be updated much quicker than just in 24 hour intervals, usually in 15 or 30 mins intervals. No updating could be observed since January 15th, as TE friend Gert Holmertz described. The bug has not been patched yet.
  • Hello IB people. Welcome back to work this Monday morning. Still no views of any photos have been registered since about 13:52 your time last Wednesday, January 15.

    This has happened before and been relatively promptly fixed. So it would be nice if someone could have a look at it today. It's not a great, big problem but it looks strange to receive X points for a photo that nobody is supposed to have seen.

    Best wishes,

    Gert Holmertz
  • Holiday
    Hello Gert,

    We will have to wait at least one more day for an answer. Today (Jan 20) is a holiday, Martin Luther KIng, Jr. Day here in the US, and the folks at IB are probably not working.

    Here's hoping to some answers about Beta TE and the counter problem tomorrow!

  • Hello again IB people,
    Is it at all possible to restart the machinery registering the number of views of the photos? It's now more than a week since the counter stopped. Since then every photo is supposed to have been viewed 0 times. It looks a bit odd.
    Best wishes,
  • Bugs
    Hi Gert

    I wonder if it's possible that a lot of the features of Trek Earth were operating on backups from Trek Earth Beta, seeing as they were never correctly installed in the first place? Deleting Trek Earth Beta was a huge mistake if this is so. The 2 systems should have both been able to fully function independently before either was deleted.
  • Hi Chris,
    It is quite possible that you are right. I have no idea about these matters. But I would love to hear someone from IB give us a straight answer: "Yes, it can be done" or "No, it's impossible".
  • The problem is that they don't usually answer. Most times they prefer to just ignore us.