To Homerhomer: hey

  • how have you been? things are good.
    i sent you a mail a long time ago and sent you a link but didn't hear from you.
    this was at a crocodile bank near chennai. it has the largest number of crodociles in "captivity" in the world and was started to save another specie that was on the verge of getting extinct, the indian muggar croc. but their programme was so successful that there is now a population explosion of those crocs...

    i actually went here on purpose because of a particular project that i'm working on.

    heard you've opened a commercial studio. how does it feel?
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    p.s. you sound a little disappointed when you say that you didn't expect me to take it because it's in a crocodile bank ;)
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    oh no, I am not dissapointed at all.
    I have switched the email addresses, apologise if I didn't get back to you, most likely I haven't seen the email at all, if you don't mind resending it would be great.

    Studio, well I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it's not so bad.

    I am glad you are busy with all the projects, few years ago I was worried you may stray away from photography all together.

    Really good to hear from you, made my day.
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    Yeah, I just took care of a little "typing problem" there, gentlemen. Now that everything's nice and tidy again... Crocodiles, banks? Why not. Again, Sohrab, here the "tones" are what grabbed my attention. Let me put it in the simplest terms possible: this shot does NOT belong in the Treknature Wildlife Gallery. Howzat?