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Old 04-30-2009, 11:53 PM
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Default The original posting activity part II

bantonbuju (35133)
[2007-05-02 1:56]

Good I don't find myself in this image... I was in the marching team with my red flag, or Polish flag, or a portrait of tow. Gierek, or tow. Grudzien... Those were the days (which luckily are gone)...And now - a great comeback of the Bolsheviks' "philosophy" could be observed in the country...
unique, precious, invaluable photo...
good to have you among us with all your "pearls"...
best wishes from vilnius, j.
(in an hour - direction riga)

Gerrit (15713)
[2007-05-02 3:34]

Hi George,
Strong picture. The girls expression is a wonderful catch. The heavenly victorious look.
I saw a march of 'workers' in Portugal today in a picture by Jean Yves. It looks so anachronistic. This is 'times gone by'.
Regards, Gerrit

jlynx (6234)
[2007-05-02 5:46]

Całkowicie zgadzam sie z polter. dodam też od siebie, że świat pełen jest rozedrgania politycznego, które choć ma swoje ciemne strony, to jednak stanowi wspaniały przyczynek do poszukiwania właściwych dróg, wyostrza uwagę na czające się zło i uczy szacunku do wolności. Tak, takie obrazy wyglądały imponująco, mamiły pozorami oddania sprawie. Bardzo dobra migawka, świetne przypomnienie również dla tych, którzy dziś tak pilnie dzierżą stery polityki jak wówczas drzewca sztandarów.

pgorod (969)
[2007-05-02 11:27]

Somehow you managed to photograph the 'fakeness' of all that triumph, it's right there in that girl's face and gesture.

A face only half-smiling. Looking up, but with absolutely no reverence.

A gesture of victory that is very correct, balanced, and yet... it would only show her real feelings if she decided to stick out one particular finger from each hand... perhaps only for a fraction of a second... nobody would notice...

Except you, your camera would surely be close enough to pick up that gesture... :-)))

prezntime (3420)
[2007-05-02 22:08]

Oranges at Christmas...what sorta rubbish is this? You know, around these parts oranges are regarded as bait...not fit for HUMAN consumption. Attracting those crowding hordes searching for MY bit of land...MY side of the street...MY gasoline. Why, I've seen them slowly approaching out of the dark, creeping towards my front yard where the oranges await. Attracted by the glorius aroma, sweet with bitter longing, their dodging eyes looking for the dark curve of shadows ready to pounce. What awaits, when these groveling souls finally loose their inhibition, is a long spiral of golden globes dripping sticky sweet life...glittering with expectation. Spellbound by the warmth of THESE oranges' glow, they reach the end, when...


AND, they are sent back to where they came from.
After the lawn receives a good clipping though, of course.

Arms raised high brother...with all of the pomp we expect to see on the nightly news. Smuggled out of your home country these faces long for you friend. I see one smile; was she looking at her loving boyfriend...a little bit of reality in this creaking machine ritual? Faces full of the agony of submissive compliance. That woman right there! The one up CLOSE! HER! She has deviant thoughts right this picture. Maybe a dream of slugging back some sugar infused, brown liquid fizzing life? Or, is it something more sinister? Maybe she plots the end of this brutal life...days of dreaming compounded into the weight of frustration. Is that the look friend...maybe we will never know?

This is a world for me, like the globe caught in the reflection of my sink. It is mine, here in my home and you've given it to me.

Thank you,

jinju (22985)
[2007-05-03 1:59]

I co, kurde mam powiedziec. twoje najlepsze foto na TE. Blisko, kadr przepakowany ale wszystko swietnie gra. Ta fota jest genialna.

sengir (4720)
[2007-05-04 14:30]

uwielbiam Twoje zdjecia z Polski, sa niesamowite.
Czy w tamtych czasach pracowales jako fotograf?

Furachan (14314)
[2007-05-05 3:29]

This, as a package, as a SPECTACLE, as a HAPPENING, is so powerful George, I'm sitting here, burned by the Vietnamese sun and nursing a bad cough back from Saigon, and I must say I 'm feeling a little emotional.
Superb theatricality and symmetry to the photo, that's for starters. Then your note - passionate, bitingly ironic, sardonic really, ultimately exultant, intelligent, yes, al those things.
A high moment on our little site. That's what this is...

battousai (2073)
[2007-05-06 9:01]

O kurcze! To zdjecie jest niesamowite!!! To zdjecie to historia. Te tony, ten wzrok... Chryste :)

Leci koniecznie do ulubionych!

Chce wiecej!


PS. Wczoraj wrocilem z Chin. Wpadnij prosze i ocen.

Flavia (4410)
[2007-05-06 13:54]

Hi George,

This whole series is really powerful but for me this me is special. Those hands all in V of victory, her serious expression, the perfect coordination on the group, it tells so much abut those days. Is really impossible to somebody who did not live in such conditions to understand it fully, but your pictures are so powerful that we can at least approach to that feeling. They unmask any possible ingeniousness one can have about the communist regime. I used to see them with a young and dreamy eyes... Your pictures and some friends experience had thought different... Dangerous time we're in when people seem discredit of politicians and democracy. Your pictures show us the danger...



Inunguak (204)
[2007-05-06 21:39]

George !! You really do love the parades ! I think you have done a few other types too here and trklens... all very entertaining ..."things" I like the patterns you have here,the pyramid and the V make the pic very enjoyable.... thanks for the smile .....Roman

paura (7282)
[2007-05-07 22:03]

Interesting photo. The compo works well to show us this ceremony shot. The Black & White was a nice choice.

Well done.


starbug (6856)
[2007-05-13 5:53]

mialam zaledwie kilka lat gdy te marsze "ozywialy" nasze miasta ale mimo wieku jakas niechec mnie zawsze zbierala by na nie isc- a wtedy rodzice dziwnym glosem mowili ze powinno sie...czasy sie zmienily, ale czy nie ma juz takiego bezmyslnego przyklapywania glupiej wladzy? holdowania falszywie dobrym ideom?lepiej nie odpowiadac. przerob zdjecie, podpisz mlodziez wszechpolska czy cos w tym rodzaju i bedzie jak znalazl. no moze troche przesadzam,takie zdjecia poruszaja (czasami za bardzo:-)

elkab (1001)
[2007-05-22 7:45]

Nie tylko, że lubię Cię czytać, ale i oglądać, choć z rzadka mam na to czas. Pokazujesz niesamowite rzeczy, pełne treści.

pozdrawiam e

ps. trochę mi ten komentarz wyszedł dwu...:)ale tak myślę, niech idzie

euryan (5064)
[2007-05-25 12:39]

Wow, very impressive George (Orwell). But I think you got the date wrong. Wasn't this 1984!?!
At least there were no “thought police” or this girl would have got the ax I'm afraid.
You need to publish a book of photos. I really mean it. Your communist era photos of Poland are so good and so interesting they need to be published in a book, and this could be on the cover. I would buy the first copy. The title could be "Those were the days…" ;-)

calimex (801)
[2007-05-28 16:27]

These are remarkable photographs, George, for their historical and technical values. The framing here is excellent, symmetrical in its human elements and powerfully focused on the central figure. In your note, you convey a wry sense of humor and certainly irony of those days. A powerful image.

xuaxo (2304)
[2007-05-30 7:48]

Hi GG!
"the day of thanksgiving"
That sound rather religious. And the people of your photo seem in a position like Jesus Christ.
But the God here, in Szczecin, was Antoni Walaszek, wasn't it?

keribar (26815)
[2007-07-09 21:02]

Hello George,
Good decision to post this old one. Funny how it is easy to understand the difference between a neg and and a digital.
I like this symphony of raiased arms all around. A great classic. Many thanks - Izzet
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