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Old 04-30-2009, 11:58 PM
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Default Original posting activity - part I

Photo Information
Copyright: George Grabarczyk (Polonaise) (18534)
Photo Version: Original Version, Workshop
Original Date Submitted: 2007-05-01 8:07
Viewed: 684
Favorites: 7 [view]
Points: 74


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hackman (122)
[2007-05-01 8:10]

O yes )) the May 1'st, I remeber too :- ))) Those were the days))))

faubry (18616)
[2007-05-01 8:10]

bonjour George, tres belle photo en BW, action, and important manifestation, well done

vagabondtravels (5191)
[2007-05-01 8:35]

Hi George
Interesting documentary image. Well presereved and a nice scan. Great capture of this festical. Well done.

luisafonso (8833)
[2007-05-01 8:43]

This is an outstanding photo! I am still battling to find out if this is a propaganda poster or a real photograph from you. It's so 2D that it really looks like a poster... Choreography is perfect but those looking-at-the-bright-present-of-the-nation eyes are indeed what makes this picture grand. You really left me speechless with this one... I only wished you had loaded a color film as I am missing those reds... No psycho/social comment from me this time. Just deep love for the image. A favorite!

polter (2015)
[2007-05-01 8:59]

Those were the days... :))
Minęły tamte dni. Wolałabym wspominać je z przyjemnością, jako lata młodości, wszystko jedno w jakich warunkach politycznych. Czy któraś z tych dziewczyn miała w głowie jakieś ideologie ? Były młode, piękne i sprawne. A ty ganiałeś z aparatem i robiłeś zdjęcia też dla chwały ich urody a nie socjalizmu (hope so :)) ). Nawet bonzów fotografowałeś dla dobrej fotografii, a nie z zachwytu dla ich wielkości. No, taka była nasza młodość. Ale, do licha, to była MŁODOŚĆ. Byłam może dwa, może trzy razy w życiu na tej dziwacznej imprezie - nic ciekawego. Za to w telewizji wyglądała imponująco. Między innymi dzięki takim ujęciom :))) Wspaniałe !!! "Niech się święci pierwszy maja" - ciekawe, ile rzeczy i spraw można jeszcze wpakować pod szyld świętości ;)). Z robotniczym pozdrowieniem :)) T.

designsoul (19401)
[2007-05-01 9:04]


My childhood, the events I always avoided at all costs, how I hated these, and there YOU went, George, with your camera, and lo and behold, you made USE of this utterly useless kitsch so well--what a tremendous shot! :-)
Those were the bad old days, I'd say... yes, I remember the December tangerines, even now when I smell an orange, it brings me back to Christmas... communism's infinite trace on our memory...
But then again...just the other day I came across a shot I took in Ottawa at a St. Patrick's parade... and believe it or not, the expressions on the faces were even more frightening! I might be inspired to post it as a reply to this... the happiness of these mindless parades...
A fabulous shot... AHEAD, AHEAD, AHEAD... brrr!!!

belido (1329)
[2007-05-01 10:10]

Hi George,

beautiful story, great shot. The perfect combination. Congrats!

a_i_ren (1279)
[2007-05-01 10:17]

Workers of all countries, unite!
You saw the oranges? On Christmas? Don’t remember such a thing, only a New Year :-)
Surreal photo, George, filled with enthusiasm and real passion
P.S. Tooth left in a glass of coca-cola overnight will dissolve. Thanks to my Party for preserving me from such a horror!

lestans (7017)
[2007-05-01 10:35]

Ciao George!! Beautiful scene!! Very good gym exercises on 1°May!! And the girl in the foreground... looks breathless!
A great composition, you have been great in capturing this parade.


PeterC (2222)
[2007-05-01 10:53]

A wonderful look into a world that is so fascinating to me. I was born to late to really know much about the cold war. It's only now having traveled to Berlin and to the Czech republic that i really learnt about communism and the whole iron curtain. Through your wonderful images I can see that murky and mysterious world come to live. And for that i thank you!


Kenggaroo (726)
[2007-05-01 11:25]

Glorious shot, George
Though it was shot since 1979 but it's still great until now. Every details in the shot are excellent with great value. Great celebration parade.
Excellent work.

isabela_sor (18756)
[2007-05-01 11:31]

Perfectly agreed with you, in this way I remember all those days...old times!! This pic and your WS have such historical and documentary value...As usual, hat off :)
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