To macjake: Uganda

  • Hi Craig,
    big thanks for your comments.

    Uganda is a very nice country indeed in my opinion. Very friendly, curious and warm people. I know Uganda have a terribly history but nowadays everything seems to be safe for a tourist.
    We spent most of the time in a djungle camp in Murchison falls but had 2 days in Kampala and Entebbe. Uganda is still a very poor country and have a high death rate because of AIDS. We experienced no unpleasant moments there and loved every minute of our stay.
    And yes, my photo on TE is a very common daily life scene, that`s how life looks like in many places in Kampala and smaller villages.
    I did not take enough with photos there but i will post some more from Kampala city centre and the countryside soon.
    Thanks again for your nice comments my friend!

    Ps. Feel free to contact me on my E-mail if you have more questions about Uganda.