Cannot edit Profile

  • I haven't been very active on TE for 3 yrs for personal reasons. Now, I have decided to come back and I would like to change the order of appearance of my photos on my overview page.
    While I wasn't very actice, I had chosen "Random Photos". Now, I would like "Most recent".
    But when I try to do that, it tells me "Cannot execute intro query".
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Problems with editing profiles is a long standing one which doesn't seem to affect all users. I've moved this query to the area the techies may see.
  • Thanks Keith,
    I hope they'll be able to solve my problem soon.
    Have a good Sunday !
  • Updating my profile...
    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to reiterate that I'm also still unable to update my profile. It's been almost a year... I really hope the problem can be found so I can make some minor changes. There has to be an answer out there!

    Thank you,
  • Everytime I try to update my profile, I get the message "Invalid email". I believe that's because my email is, and they don't accept it here.
  • gervaso, I have asked tech to prioritize allowing Gmail accounts.
  • Thank you, Joel! It seems to be working now, we've just changed his email and it's ok! And I can also edit my profile again! Thank you very much for your attention!