To Royaldevon: A special platform for nosy b

  • Thank you for your visit Bev,
    Well, Carlo took us to his favourite places which he had already photographed.
    As a matter of fact, the platform of WS3 was looking down onto this house; I wonder if that family gets paid by the tourist office to hang the washing out everyday :-)
    Indeed I had read your post about your meeting with Carlo. He is a very friendly, hospitable guy isn't he ?
    We talked about you and other TE members that came to meet him, like Emka, gigidusud...
    I have also read that you have had a nice TE meeting in Holland with Viviane. Lucky you. I'll soon have a closer look at your photos. I have been rather busy on opther matters lately, and missed Trekearth.
    My warmest regards.