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saharafree 04-19-2006 04:29 AM

Talk openly
Ey Sebi! Do not pay much attention to my profile and tell me what you see or think openly, it is important for me and surely it helps . I just told i was not a photography maniac but a person foolishly keen on travelling . In some trips i regretted myself not having taken camera(losing many visual references of places and forcing my memory to the maximum limit) , just for a visual souvenir that may drive you emotionally to places , peoples , tastes or smells i did experienced time ago. In others(trips) the task of taking care of my camera , charger,batteries and so on nearly tie me up in a sort of "slavery" to an objetct(camera). So in the half term i take the option of taking a not so eloquent camera(little one) , just discrete and not take long in protography .But i like looking at pictures , getting new references , enjoying wonderful places and in certain way nourishing my traveller veins .I know , by here , we can learn so much , but most of the comments are more directed to PS or Neatimage references (i don't have them and partly i'm not for its abusive use, manipulation). I value a lot to interact with people from other places and i think i can discover the world through them in a better way than looking at monuments or sunsets. So i value critics in all senses (So , Sebi tell me or critisize me openly, anyone can do it and in your case , you , with much more reasons .I'm open to all sort of opinions , regarding photos or other issues and sometimes it is what i miss more of this site , TE , the excessive quote of praises . So Sebi be hard , sweet , but under any concept don't give up being Sebi . I appreciate all your comments ;)
Your friend , bonne nuit

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