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mkamionka 11-02-2021 05:22 PM

To PaulVDV: Canaries' Climate and La Palma
Hi Paul,
I think the climate on Canaries is quite similar all year round but the volcanoes seem to attract the clouds and sometimes they keep them around. It was easier for me to understand it looking from a plane at Tenerife which has a giant volcanic peak. The clouds were simply stopping from the north on it, while at the same time the southern part of the island was clear and sunny. Lanzarote is sort of mostly flat with multiple smaller peaks distributed throughout the island. But even though the clouds didn't physically touch the peaks, they seemed to have congregated above the volcanoes. I am still learning about this area and I am not sure whether I can make conclusions even after being on Tenerife, La Palma and Madeira already.
When I arrived on Lanzarote, the first day was mostly cloudy, the following days were partly cloudy, but quite annoyingly because the clouds often covered the sun. The final day was perfectly clear. The light was magnificent then but that was a day I spent in the hotel without the car. The temperature was few degrees higher as well. I think honestly that it is a bit of a roulette there. It is clearly warmer than in the Europe. Lanzarote reminded me a bit California, not too hot not too cold and with big day/night temperature differences being dry. I think in the autumn/winter/spring there is a good chance the weather will be fine but if you are unlucky you may get more clouds. I think people who were there just to rest were happy, but too many clouds annoyed me as a photographer.

Unfortunately the visibility was not great so I was not able to spot La Palma in the distance.

Kind regards,

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