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philip_coggan 03-15-2004 06:17 PM

Re: With only one week...
Dror - I'll send you an email with more detail, but thanks for the post and for the offer of help.

I agree about air travel being the best option to get around inside Burma for the short time we'll be there. I've never found cars to be good for photo-expeditions - when you're travelling at 60 or 80 kph, it's just too much trouble to stop the car simply because you see something out the window that might be interesting, and yet you lose a lot of valuable time simply sitting and looking out that window at fields and villages rolling by.

Hotels: I have in mind the City Star hotel in Yangon, which is clean, comfortable, air conditioned, has a generator, and is quite cheap. In Nyaung U (the village for staying in while seeing Bagan, as you know), there are many good guest houses. In Mandalay I stayed in 2002 in the ET Hotel, very cheap, but no reliable power and no hot water, so I think we'll go a bit up-market.

What I do want to do on this trip is (a) have a very good Burmese professional photogrpaher either join us for the whole trip or else give a workshop one day in Yangon, and (b) have a private performance of traditional dance for us to photogrpah. I can arrange both of these, I believe.

Anyway, I'll send you an email soon.


philip_coggan 03-15-2004 06:19 PM

Re: With only one week...
Dror - I'll send you an email IF you send me your email address! My personal email address is [email protected] (That's a bit misleading - I'm actually in Australia, not the UK!)

DrorAngkor 03-15-2004 06:30 PM

Re: With only one week...
Philip, I'm sorry ... I thought you could send me mail via the forum ...

My mail is : [email protected]

philip_coggan 03-15-2004 06:42 PM

Re: With only one week...
You can send mail to ppl if they have an email link activated next to their name on their portfolio page - but you don't seem to. Thanks for this anyway. I'll send the email tommoroow - it's 2.30 in the morning and I should go to bed... :-).


DrorAngkor 03-15-2004 06:53 PM

Re: With only one week...
sweet Dreams :)

there's already mail in your mailbox

philip_coggan 05-03-2004 09:16 AM

Re: Anyone interested in trek to Myanmar
At the moment 3 people have expressed interest in this trip - Alex, Thien, Darren and Fil Dabrowski. I just sent them all an email updating them on where we are. Birefly:

1. Trip will be for 8 days, in November - exact timing to be settled (and settled soon, I should think!).

2. Costs will be kept under $1000, and well under at that.

3. Travel will be by train Yangon/Mandalay, bus Mandalay/Bagan, and plane Bagan/Yangon. Hotels will be in the range $20-$30 a night, single room (up to you if you want to share). Hotels will all have reliable power (something that can't be taken for granted in Myanmar), air-con, and restaurants. All are centrally situated.

I'll be arranging for a Myanmarese (?) professional photogrpaher to accompany us as our expert photo-guide. I'll also arrange for a 'special event' - what I have in mind is a performance of traditional dance, specifically for photogrpahers (as oppsoed to the performances that are for looking at).

If anyone else wants to get in on this, please let me know.


philip_coggan 05-17-2004 03:31 PM

Latest update
I'm sending an email to those who've already expressed interest, but the details of the trip are:

Dates: 6-13 November this year (2004)

People: We have 4 TEers expressing interest - room for more (leave a reply on this thread if you want)

Price: $400 (more exactly, I've been quoted $385 shared accommodation, plus $20 for single supplement)

Itinerary: Yangon-Mandalay-Bagan (includes such things as Shwedagon pagoda, Mandalay fort, U Bein bridge, the temples of Bagan, the nat-mountain Mount Popa, handicraft workshops, dances/puppet shows, etc). Travel by train and mini-van and boat.

Accommodation: Comfortable/cheap.

Extras: A Burmese photo-guru to give advice and workshops.

As I said, there's room for more - leave a note on this thread or drop me an email.


waysai 05-21-2004 07:28 AM

Re: Anyone interested in trek to Myanmar
Hi all, just to stop by and offer to help answer any questions you might have with Myanmar. Other than that I wish all of you have a nice trip.

Best regards,
Way Sai

philip_coggan 05-21-2004 09:46 AM

Re: Anyone interested in trek to Myanmar
Mingalabar Wai Kyi

Thanks for dropping by. And yes, I do have a question: Do you know, from your own experience, whether FECs are still required? Some people say you have to buy them, others say no. What was your experience?


waysai 05-21-2004 09:53 AM

Re: Anyone interested in trek to Myanmar
Mingalabar :)

No, they no longer require that since middle of 2003. The reason is the FECs are getting better rate than $$$ now. That is why!!! 1$ is about 840-850 Kyats and 1 FEC is now around 10-20 Kyats more than 1$.

Way Sai

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