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PaulVDV 01-20-2022 05:29 PM

To mkamionka: A correct amount
Thank you Mariusz,

I had already paid the man in red the amount my guide suggested as a tip for both.
Both 'sadhus' clearly belonged together.

I refused the extra that the man dressed in yellow asked.
I would have expected that he would have said that I made a mistake, that the amount I had given was for his partner and that he wanted something for himself too. That would be a more logical trick.
However, on the contrary, he asked an enormous multiple.
50 US$ is not the amount of a tip in a poverty-stricken country like Nepal.

It was even much more than my overnight including breakfast in a decent budget hotel in Kathmandu which was not even the cheapest budget hotel.
It was also many times more than the amount of a full evening meal including beer in a tourist restaurant.

In India and Nepal I have not been stingy with a tip for the poorest who you may sometimes find in the streets.
But asking a completely crazy high amount only does a loan shark.
Humans have a task to help people in need, not pay loan sharks.

Your story about Turkey reminds me of my experiences in Morocco.
Many immigrants or descendants of Moroccon immigrants live in Belgium. Some have a shop where they sell Moroccan products. These can be food, but can also be typical handicraft products such as carpets, leather, etc.

In shops in the souks in Marrakech and Fez I sometimes saw higher prices for these items than asked in Belgium.
First of all, I buy very little when I travel. Furthermore, I will never buy something that I like but that I know is cheaper in Belgium.
When I told the shopkeepers in Morocco that I could buy a product of the same quality in a Moroccan shop in Brussels, people refused to believe me. According to them, that was impossible. The shopkeepers in Belgium naturally bought in bulk and therefore had better prices.

I cannot remember to have met those traditionally dressed men in ancient ruins in Egypt. Perhaps I've been lucky.
Compared to Morocco or Tunisia, I found Egypt a very 'easy' country.

Kind regards,

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