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Default ? Tandem.....

Hello Will and Gert,

Thank you, Will, for continuing to discuss what was probably quite an irrelevant point which I raised with Gert's workshop image!

Yes, the idea of this contraption having been a tandem did cross my mind - as also did the possibility that the black "lump" might have been some sort of motor. Perhaps we shall never know.

But can I tell you both something (which you might already know!) which I can vividly recall learning from my Latin teacher probably about 60 years ago? It concerns the word "tandem" which we all happily use, especially for describing a two seater bicycle. The Latin word "tandem" is an adverb meaning "eventually", "in the end" or "at length" and was first applied sometime in the 18th century as a joke (by someone who presumably had some knowledge of Latin) to a pair of horses harnessed in single file (i.e. "at length") rather than side-by-side. Anyway, I've always thought that was a fascinating (if useless) fact!

Take care.

Kind Regards to both of you,

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