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Walter Salles (Diarios de una motocicleta 's director) practises a sort of independent movie art , just browse his filmography and branches he has taken part in . i recommend his "Estación do Brasil" and "Cidade de Deus" by Fernando Meirelles (salles cooperated) far from demagogia Ivana gifted us and based upon real troubles corcerning the real America beyond platitudes of nice beaches , Salsa , Merengue , Romario , Batigol , Copacabana and the sort of demagogy that the little elite from south america practises when they celebrate erasmus reunions in romanthic expensive(father pays with the money he gets by expliting people in his large acres ) athics in Montparnasse , talking about the revolution while cheering with red expensive wine while at the same time Latin America veins go on bleeding , and bleeding ...

To read ...Eduardo Galeano, Carlos Fuentes , Mario Benedetti,Cortázar , Noam Chomsky , García Márquez
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