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Default Re: To saharafree: And he is not the only one my friend..

Ok , you seem the sort of TE paradigma able to dash regards and friendlies all around, dear Nikos . Let me tell you that you are not anyone to tell me what i have to do ,moral codes are not ruled by a same pattern but a cubist multishape one with the limit of harsh and DAMAGING words i have NOT pronounce in this debate . I did not tell anything personal against ANY TE member , the issue was CHE , as in other occasion was polish Pope for which i , with a softer tone than the slovak uses , was invited for your US friend administrator to remove under polite anglo threat of closing my page) . So if you are right or wrong or your position is one(different or not) is your matter . I did not say hard words regarding anyone here , the only hard words i read were regarding Cuba , Fidel and Ché . i remind you and Adam that certain critics i did regarding POpe of Roma (juan pablo) more or less in such euphemistic sweet tone as the slovak expresses (founding my debate on intelectual arguments , but not so right-handed as the slovak has), caused a harsh reaction for TE administrator menacing me in a subtly way(anglo way , they can polite and politically correct invade the world with their scraps and have a nice tea at 17 o,oclock , are english the politely correct mecca ). So i would ask the slovak girl to remove her words , it is not fair that i were forced to remove my words cristisizing (under threat of disabling my account)the Pope in similar terms as slovak girl critisizes Ché guevara . Why Pope is untouchable and Ché Guevara is not ?

For Slovak girl are not right about gulags , the only gulag Ché knew was hungarian gulash with red wine and if you continue saying those b...(words ) under your conservative reactionary mind i can't help following this debate . I can't stand cheap leaflet unfounded doctrina full of lies .

So i demand the same treatment for slovak as i had for having critisized Pope de Roma(the polish i mean , and this one really created more than a real gulag but it is other issue )

Next time we can critisize Aznar , Saharian country in exile ,The European Union (i don't believe in that , don't even believe in Spain , less in slovaks and czechs ), Morocco king , Slovak mafia in spanish coast and everything you want or propose , but Ché's memory deserves the same as polish Pope one and here Adam failed and you Nikos can not say what it is or not is acceptable (you don't have the unique truth , but i know your design , , drank so much anglo politeness)

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