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And Ivana , you are not so important to make me feel angry , don't throw flowers to yourself , i'm nor angry , don't have reasons...i was not warned but i 've been educated to talk to intelligent people and ok , i was wrong i thought you were an intelligent one , but listening to your unfounded words (why don't you stop reading pink fascists novels inventing tales)...My grandfather had to murder Franco soldiers in spanish civil war trenches , Ché guevara was a guerrillero and he killed and many of Ché people were killed(in larger amiunt) , just fight of trenches , and they had not all the measures to submit the high oppresion they suffer(Ché's troops unfortunately were 4 uthopic without measures to develop such terror structure your writers tell you ) . Be aware US would crave 10 per 100 of what you say could be truth , they would have the perfect coartada(excuse) to attack the rest of the world they have not done yet(with Guantanamos , ramallah gulags included ). I wish Ché had created a Gulag with all Pinochets , Stroessners , Somozas , Batistas , drug dealers , rich owners , Kissingers , terratenientes , latifundistas ... eating just a rice dish per day and leaning down to pray communist manifiesto , but Ché's troops did not cause so much blood because they were 4 + the inmense majority,exploited in América Latina , and this majority has not time excepct to try to feed their stomachs .

I'm not angry my dear . Of course it is not true (what you say) but it is a pity your brain suffers such disfunctions of believing what a fairy pink tale writer tells you , next time i recommend you Gloria Stefan memories and surely you will find the gulag in Playa de los Cocos and Cuban people plotting to blast Israel(surely with music and son cubano , but Gloria and all your intelectual sources will persuade you to think they will do it with aspirines bombs )
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