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Default Re: To saharafree: And he is not the only one my friend..

My friend,if i have your permission to call you a friend,I am really sorry about what you said..I have told you before that i am not here to judge anyone..Neither to offend anyone..I just feel that this is not the right place to discase things like the theme of this conversation..And of course i,personaly,don't find the way you managed this conversation right..Now i feel offended too,mainly due to the fact that i explained my opinion and positioning in this matter and still you don't seem to understand..Or maybe you just don't want to understand..

According to your writings here you may have been treated badly..Unfortunatelly this is not the theme of our conversation and i still don't believe that your way is the best possible to express your feelings..As i already said you may be the one that is right here..And i don't really understand why you feel that everyone who takes part in this conversation has to be treated like an enemy..It is a pity you react this way..As i said you lose the respect others may have for you..Even if i feel that you don't really care..

To end it here my friend (and by saying friend i don't want you to think that i try to offend you or be unpolite to you in any way,even if you did almost everything to achive that..Friend for me is a friend and has no other meaning..)Let me have my own opinion of what it is right and what is not..I am open to any theme you have to discase and i will be really glad to help you if you respect my opinion..And by the way..I am unique..As all of us my friend..So you are the last one who is able to tell me if i am "someone" or not..

Have a nice night..

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