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Default To pentax: Regarding B&W

Hi Sean.
I read it in your notes for the shot "Isolation".
I can give you my view on the idea of converting from color to B&W with digital. Before I bought a digital camera I used a Eos 10 and an old fully manual minolta, I also had the privilege to do some pinholeshots. I took the shots mostly in b&w , because I like(d) the documentary feel it gives. I remember shooting some shots in color but then producing them in b&w or just enhancing b&w photos, it was a fairly long process and sometimes it really turned out bad.
Digital has made it possible for amateurs, such as myself, to actually take pretty good shots, and I can now do all the stuff I did in a darkroom, like contrast adjustments, dodging and burning in a digital environment. It means that when I do something bad I can try again, I can even try different things at once. It also saves me going into that black room full of fumes:)

I understand the concept of envisioning a shot, and I still do that. The Luxury that the change to digital has given me is that I am not solely bound by the limits of that one capture. I can now enhance and sometimes manipulate forth a better picture then what I envisioned.

I am not intending this to be negative towards you or your thoughts on b&w, I'm am trying to coax you into doing digital conversion because it does open a lot of doors. And if it doesn't suit you, then you can always delete the image and go back to the original film:)


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