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I've been here a few months longer than you ;) I mostly agree with what you write, but it isn't really a TrekEarth problem per se. It's human nature to want to be 'loved' (if that's not too strong a term) so in any large group of individuals it's probably more likely that you will find people trying to enamor themselves to others. This, unfortunately, is where the whole original concept has begun to partially fall down. There is still value here, but these days its just harder to find.

Of course you could form your own group and only interact with those selected few, but wouldn't that then be somewhat hypocritical in itself?

The backslappers aren't 'bad' people, they just either don't yet have the experience or courage to give honest thoughtful critiques. We were all like this when we came here. It's all inevitable - the site becomes more popular, more inexperienced members join, they bring their friends, they repel bad criticism and welcome green smileys.

Aside from that, there are a few clever little people who like to troll the forums, but we shouldn't worry about them ;)



PS Good luck with the Alaska trip. I'm doing the 'Great Circle' in the South West later this year, so hopefully we'll both get some good work.
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