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Didi, thank you for your reply! Both Trek Earth and Wikitravel showcase beautiful, unique and interesting places around the world. Wikitravel focuses on creating articles (travel guides) that will help you during your travels. Trek Earth focuses on pictures- there are so many breath taking pictures over here that could make a great addition to Wikitravel articles. That's where I see the are of cooperation between those two sites. What do you think about this idea?

Yes, all the language versions (English, French, German, etc..) are different because they were edited by different users. Wikitravel is a crowd-sourced project, a guide written by travelers for the travelers. English Wikitravel is the most visited and developed version however French is one of the most important foreign version as well. You can use, edit and upload pictures to as many Wikitravel versions as you wish (provided you speak the local language of course).

Didi, do you think you have some good picture that we can feature on our Main Page and show it to a wider audience?


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