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Hey Didi! Good question!
Yes, Wikitravel works slightly different than TrekEarth but you can get all that information. Let me explain everything.

Wikitravel Shared is a central coordination point for all our files (images, maps). Here you can see all the pictures that users upload. User list ( will show you all the people who contributed here. You can check individual user's contributions by clicking "contrib" or by using this tool (
Here ( you have a gallery of new files. You can see thumbnails of the pictures, their names and users who uploaded the picture. Additionally, this tool ( will let you search different files that have been uploaded to Wikitravel Shared since the beginning.

Wikitravel ( is our travel guide where you can read articles about different destinations. The articles have pictures to make our guides more attractive. Everybody likes to read and also see pictures for the places we describe in our guides. The pictures added to the articles are taken from Wikitravel Shared, our repository.

Users need to set up 2 separate accounts for Wikitravel and Wikitravel Shared (the name can stay the same).

Please let me know if there is anything more you would like me to explain.

Warm regards, Alex
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