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Default To AnimeshRay: the danger

actually i'm already very aware and conscious of it.

i've been looking to challenge my conditioning of the perception of forms for some time now. wanting to challenge concept of what reality is and my own reality. i think i was already doing that before but now that my urge to challenge shapes and forms has got stronger this is what i was seeing.
and to be honest in order to get to where i want to go i'll inevitably pass through the vicinity of d'agata or ackerman or whoever else.

but d'agata's work is very different in its concept.
is work is all about his relationship with the world. and it's so strong now that for him now the closest way for him to be a part o his world is to remove the barrier of the camera from between him and his world and be a part of the world himself. if you have a look at vortex, he's there in every one of his photographs in some way or the other..

also a lot of his work is not on magnum.

and he prefers alot of the work that's not on magnum..

by the way i was lucky enough to have had a chance to go through a copy of his book stigma that someone had brought to cambodia to have it signed by him. he printed only 2000 copies of the book because while they were beign printed he wanted to move on not be stuck to that work so he stopped the printing at 2000.
today it's a collector's item and someone was saying that it would cost about 1200 euroes to buy one.

the book though is incredibly beautiful.. and there are so many out of the world photographs that i haven't seen on the website..

and strangely he's one of the sweetest and funniest people you'll come across :)
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