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Thumbs up To InasiaJones: settings

Thanks, André, for another very useful critique.

I tend to shoot semi-automatic with only the exposure on manual. This I tend to jam down, as I like the deeper, darker colours. I also like my picture to have a hint of darkness, even the sunny summery ones. The bit of grain that usually goes with it, I don't mind at all.

Your comment, however, to me now seems to suggest it's about time I'd move "to the next level" and go for fully manual. What makes me hesitate, is that it will take some time to get used to and that this will slow me down, probably much to the annoyment of my travelling partner...... Plus: I'm actually quite pleased with my semi-automatic shots, even though I do know these settings are a bit unusual. Or maybe I'm just too easily pleased, I don't know...

Anyway - as I wrote - it's time to move to fully manual and I guess it's time to experiment at home first, before our next big trip comes along.

Thanks for the reminder!

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