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Hi Benny,

I very rarely shoot in full manual mode myself, but rather aperture priority, as it is the key factors to control the effect I want to achieve. I'm always shoot on the smallest ISO possible and let the camera decide about the speed. If I get under 1/60 of a second, than I crank up my ISO a bit to 200 or higher, but I try to avoid being over 400 (unless I'm on a tripod, and on this circumstance, I always shoot at ISO 100 and use bulb mode if I need more than 30 seconds of exposure).

So on this particular photo, by setting your camera on 100 ISO and choosing aperture priority, you could have decided to open at f/8 and your camera would have gave you something around 1/200 sec, instead of 1/4000.

My comments was mostly concerning the extreme high ISO you have been using in full day light, which wasn't necessary.

The people I know who are shooting in full manual mode are missing their shots 3 times out of 4... (some top photographers from TE I've met and professionals as well, but won't give names... :-p)) There's no points to try to guess, when your camera has all the features to do it perfectly, or at least, more accurately than most of us can do. With the proper metering mode, your camera will usually be spot on; only in tricky light situation can it go wrong, like shooting in direction of the sun or during sunset and sunrise, but this is the exception.


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